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How to solve 3 overlooked molding design challenges

Could your molding design processes be more accurate and efficient?

The answer is likely “yes”.

Access this exclusive PlasticsToday presentation to learn why, and how you can streamline injection mold cooling design to gain competitive advantage.

Our extensive research with molders and mold makers across North America and Europe has identified common challenges that plague the mold design industry.

In this webinar we explore three underlying causes of missed delivery times and lower profits:

  • Guesswork in mold cycle time estimates
  • Defects in injection molding due to quality vs. cost trade-offs
  • Delays due to tensions between mold designers and molders

For each challenge, we present actionable solutions.

Learn how efficient and cost-effective front-end thermal simulation can accelerate injection mold design processes to optimize cycle times and produce higher quality parts — without major changes to your workflow.

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