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Your guide to creating high-performing and profitable molds

Do these 3 things to deliver molds that improve performance and profitability

Download this 12-page guide for mold design insights you can use to reduce business and production risks. 

  • Three things you can do to improve mold performance and client satisfaction.
  • The benefits of putting front-end simulation in the hands of mold designers.
  • Why achieving optimal cycle times is important.
  • How to minimize design iterations to improve your bottom line.
  • What's missing in the typical in-house mold design processes, and how you can use it to your advantage.


Efficiently design plastic injection molds with optimal cycle times and higher part quality. 

Tap into the power of front-end simulation.

Read the guide to find out how you can:

  1. Reduce production risks 
  2. Alleviate molder uncertainty
  3. Design with confidence

Download How to introduce front-end simulation into plastic injection mold design to achieve optimal cycle times and higher part quality


Mold project managers

Mold design project managers must make sure mold designs will meet the exacting requirements of both the molder and the end customer. They must also ensure that the design team works with skill and efficiency to remain profitable.  

Rapidly simulating model performance in-house, prior to delivering the design to the molder, can streamline design processes and improve collaboration. 

Download the guide to find out how to minimize design iterations and get it right the first time.



Molders have the challenge of maintaining productivity and profitability amidst unreliable financial forecasts.

Cycle time is a key determinant of the product cost; temperature uniformity is a key determinant of product quality.  But, molders must commit to price without all the necessary information.

Molders are under pressure to:

  • Meet ever-shorter development times and get plastic parts in production as quickly as possible.
  • Produce more complex molds for more complex parts.
  • Remain competitive despite challenges in the labor force as a result of increasing retirement.

Download the guide to learn how to inject much-needed confidence into the mold production process with front-end simulation for early cycle-time and product quality prediction.

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